i spent last weekend in bend

I spent last weekend in Bend.

IMGP0560.JPGPete and I drove to Crater Lake last Saturday morning. It was a pretty brutal 6 hourish drive. Stopped in Bend to get brunch and supplies and spent the day hiking along the north side of the caldera.

Can you even handle this?

Amazing.The lodge at Crater lake.

There was even snow on the side of the road, in nooks, in the rocks and down in the side of the lake. It was like 90 degrees out! I’ve had a little fascination with the former Mt. Mazama for a long time + I think one of the first road trips I ever suggested to Pete was to Crater Lake.

Dumps like a truck, truck truck truck.I love shit like this. You get the computer animated “artist’s rendering” of what the eruption of Mt. Mazama was like 7,000 years ago. The many informational placards spread around the site. The tacky gift shop. Loads of old timey photos of the explorers lowering a boat down into the lake. Relics from IMGP0561.JPG the original lodge.

We were just cracking ourselves up the whole trip. The view inside is amazing but even looking outside we could see so much stuff! There were forest fires burning a good 30-50 miles away and the smoke was billowing clearly up from it and directly over the lake, blocking out the sun once in a while. It was really, really stunning.

Spent Saturday night in La Pine at the Best Western and watched the US national gymnastics championships. That was perfect. Went swimming in the pool around midnight and hot tubbed it until we were spent and passed out.

Pete and the lava.Sunday was spent drinking super chocolatey soy mocha’s and wandering around downtown Bend. We checked out Ibook computers at the computer store and pretended we have money. Bend is not exactly the middle of no where but we kept getting so many stares and funny looks.


We bought a trail map from Hutch’s and headed out towards the lava beds. Went to the High desert museum and then hit the single track. Well. Pete hit the single track. A few times. And that is how it went.IMGP0569.JPG

After a disasterous mountain biking trip we shot back to another hotel in Bend and used our drink tickets to buy Pete’s beer and my Shirley Temple. Watched day 2 of the US national gymnastics champs, ate Thai food, lifted weights in the hotel exercise room and hit the sack.



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