i was dreaming

I was dreaming…

Get drunk!…yesterday morning when I heard a faint “hello? you coming?” from downstairs!

I totally overslept and hopped right onto my bike (again) for the big group ride. I ended up in the front group by myself, nothing too exciting, lots of older Belgian men. Ex pros, grizzled 60 year olds. We passed by Sven Nys fixing a flat when we rode through Tielt-Winge. That is pretty exciting.

Plaque.My sleeping schedule is total shit. It is about 1am right now. I made the mistake of dozing off around 7 for a few hours and I am going to be up all night.

My first race is in Wachtebeke tomorrow. Parbo is headed out there with Brian Vernor. They both arrived today. Sweet alley.The Canadians are all here, mostly. Kelly and Tara arrived ok yesterday, Tara’s bikes being lost but apparently, they arrived today. Neil and Kyle were stranded in London and do not have ANY of their luggage. Ouch.

I took a late night ride a couple days ago, it was awesome. Just spinning around town, hit some brutal cobbles. Took a bunch of bad photos. The riding in Belgium is great. Not a spec of broken glass anywhere! In Aarschot.I’m serious. There is a good shoulder or lane on every street, we are out in the villages so traffic is almost nil. And the road quality is pretty decent. I’ve been getting off the main roads and checking out the back farm roads and muddy cobbled field strats too.

Today I took Brad and Kelly into Aarschot (the city nearest Tielt) on bike and we met up with Jos to do some shopping and banking. It is so much easier to have a knowledgeable guide in town. We hit the Loft for some mediocre coffee and spun around a bit more before heading back to the house. The holiday season is in full effect, all the school kids have time off and everyone is shopping like crazy.

Ode to choco 1.Ode to choco 2.I brought a bunch of Stumptown coffee (thanks Glenn!) in whole beans and had to have Jos grind it up for the house and bring me her stove top espresso maker.

I would like to take this moment to praise the Belgian love of chocolate. There is chocolate in EVERYTHING. There is so much choco cereal, I cannot handle it. You get Mueseli cereal with choco, special K with choco, Frosted flakes choco. I’ve been good. Besides the cookie on the plane, I’ve stuck to the Choco Mueseli and Alpro soymilk.

The bakery in Tielt.Alright. I am stalling. I cannot get to sleep at all.

The race tomorrow is the only one I have NOT heard back from the race promoters about starting so, we will see once I get there. If I run into trouble I will flash a wink and point to my pink King hubs.

“do you know who I am?”

More after the race.


5 comments for “I was dreaming…”

  1. Good luck racing tomorrow. Hope sleep comes soon too. Great blog - truly enjoy the euro travel/race/cyclocross perspective.

    Posted by Doug | December 22, 2006, 7:10 pm
  2. Hey sounds like a blast. Keep it up and have a great race!

    Posted by Mel | December 22, 2006, 9:50 pm
  3. Glad Belgium is treatin you well,

    if u could toss in tara and kd’s results along with yours that would be awesome….saves me the trouble of scouring through belgian results to keep us in Canada in the know.

    Best of luck in all the races

    Posted by scott | December 22, 2006, 9:53 pm
  4. It’s a Nestlé conspiracy… mmmm coco meusli

    One of the things I remember most vividly from Europe was Nestlé was on everything…

    Posted by Quenton | December 23, 2006, 8:07 am
  5. Go Molly! Love your Belgium posts. We are behind all the way back in Portland. Can’t wait to hear about the race.

    Posted by Molly admirer | December 23, 2006, 9:10 am

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