i was just featured in two local papers

I was just featured in two local papers!

photo credit: Joseph RobertsonLots of media dropping! This is old news for Portland locals:

I was in the Portland Mercury and the Willamette Week local papers last week!

Here is a link to the Portland Mercury article. Written by one Sarah Mirk, I like her writing. Check out some of her other articles.

And, an article where I recommended my favorite ride in Portland; in the Willamette Week! Looks like Bob Mionske and I enjoy the same rides and route. Not bad company to keep.

This write up netted me a couple of mentions on other blogs and websites. Here is one: keep an eye on me, I’m going places. The word transition is a loaded one. Can mean different things to people. I like the irony of a couple cyclocross videos being titled Transition.

There are also some amazing posters available from that article. I really love the “I can do whatever I want.” poster. Sums me up pretty well. You can check them out or purchase them by following this link! If you do get one, tell them I sent you!

Joeseph Robertson is a great photographer, take a look at his Flickr set here.

I also had some thoughts on the ever popular topic of Cyclocross frame bottom bracket height. Read a little write-up here on Chris Bagg’s blog GOING PRO. Don’t go low, says Molly Cameron. And well, yeah. I must stress how much I believe there is a difference between cycloross racing and cyclocross riding. You can certainly do either on the same bike, regardless of bottom bracket height.

Take a glance at the blog, add your voice to the discussion.

Footage of some cyclocross races I did back in 2008 in this cheesy UCI promo video. The camera can play tricks with your eyes but check out their positions about 20 seconds in!

Tiny bikes! So compact!!


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  1. Nice article in the Mercury. Yeah, I’m pretty happy to be living here too.

    Posted by Brooke Hoyer | June 21, 2010, 1:10 pm

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