i won my 2nd cross crusade race

I won my 2nd Cross Crusade race!

photo credit: Oregon Cycling Action - Pat MalachHoly crap! I am so damn pumped!

I knew the Hillsboro course suited me a little better than the weekend before so, I was pretty confidant going into the race yesterday. Well, I was confidant that I could do a decent ride but, after the last couple of rough weeks I’ve had, I was not expecting to put in a stellar performance.

Stoked. Stoked. Stoked. I’m not taking these wins for granted, they were both hard fought. I joked that I should just retire now. Go out on a high note. I certainly have enough other things going on in my life that I could toss bike racing to the side and still have plenty of shit to keep me busybusybusy.

Though, in all my stoked-ness, I should point out a few things about the race yesterday:

Tonkin flew to Louisville Saturday morning, raced the USGP #3, won “most agressive” and then flew back Saturday night to race Sunday morning here. (fueling the legend)
Ian Brown apparently put in a killer ride on the East coast earning what very well may be his first ever UCI point. Good job Ian! He had RCB’s Davy Yeater in tow (17th place) out there too.
Speedvagen’s Shannon Skerrit and Kevin Hulick were also out in Louisville at the USGP putting in some hard rides.
Joshua Berry threw down some top 20 races in Louisville this weekend too.

So, what I am pointing out is: 6 of Oregon’s top cyclocross riders were out of town. I’m not calling it a hollow win but, it was certainly a little bit smoother with out half a dozen of those fast guys breathing down my neck.

Velonews article here.


That is it for now, I should go as the extremely wet weather on Monday morning has backed up the storm drains into my bike shop, flooding it yet again!

Is this the beginning of BS week round three?


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  1. Great work… you’re on a roll!

    Posted by chris | October 27, 2009, 1:42 am
  2. The MWI crew is way proud of you! Good work!

    Posted by Paul | October 29, 2009, 4:23 pm

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