is xc racing dying did landis dope is summer over already

Is XC racing dying? Did Landis dope? Is summer over already?

I’ve been avoiding writing anything about the above. There is so much drama going on andWhat? A table of King headsets? it seems everyone has an opinion about Flandis and veganism and gender and kozy shack and track bikes and drama, drama, drama.

I’m over it. Though I did tear out the page from People magazine about Lance Armstrong, Jake Gyllenhall and (puke) Matt McConaughey hanging out and going on a bike ride in Malibu! Sweet!

Brian List was helping out at the track last night and told me: “XC racing is not dead until we kill it.” Well said. The irony of 2 local boys being the current national XC and short track champions is not lost on me. Some of the OBRA community is up in arms about the quality and quantity of our local XC races and race scene. It comes and goes I think. Road racing is very, very popular right now. Mountain biking is not so hot. Cross is hot right now…

Ok, I am avoiding the drama on that one too.

I raced the short track mountian bike race last monday and got 2nd place again. After crashing myself out pretty good too! Knees, elbows, ribs, hip, ankle, feet. It all hurts. I skipped out on a mid week criterium to race the track on Thursday. Damn was I tired. So, damn tired. Markwelder and I won the Madison and I won 3 of the other 4 events yet still ended up 2nd overall. huh? I won’t go into it. Trust me, I was yawning and just going to fall asleep any second. They say sleep is the cousin of death. Don’t sleep.

I got a hold of my Aunt about staying with her this September for a cross racing weekend. Exciting, I’ve got to buy my flight soon.

I’ve even started jogging again. Look out.

What I am listening to right now?
Gnarls Barkley
Nelly Furtado


5 comments for “Is XC racing dying? Did Landis dope? Is summer over already?”

  1. Yo, what’s with the picture? Did Chris King install a CK headset drinking fountain downtown?


    Posted by cogswell | July 28, 2006, 6:22 pm
  2. Don’t count out my boy, J. Bishop repping the east coast (yes, the entire coast, but Baltimore more specific like). Floyd…sad.

    Posted by Sean | July 28, 2006, 9:26 pm
  3. molly-

    i just wanted to say that the alpenrose velodrome is my new favorite activity, and i went for the first time with my friend matthew king last thursday. it was beautiful to watch and my new favorite racing sport (although you can’t bet because who the fuck would you bet for besides veloshop? the beaverton bicycle club?)
    i also wanted to say that watching the races, and watching the classy veloshop team race REALLY makes me want to get a bicycle other than a 3-speed cruiser. half of my excitement is due to getting a bike that would be easier to ride around town, and half of it because i want YOU to build my wheels. my boyfriend rides a fixed gear and is batty about bikes, and i think he is somewhat stunned at my enthusiasm for track racing and for a new bicycle… but i just wanted to let you know although there was indeed a low turnout last week, it was completely inspiring and awesome for me, and i am dying to go next week and am upset that i came upon this so late!

    thank you…


    Posted by theda | July 30, 2006, 3:49 pm
  4. I’m a shit for not visiting you before leaving PDX, Molly, but I managed to keep the 29′er. Maybe b/c I like weird bikes, I might turn it into a fixie. Any thoughts?
    BTW, Landis is clean- just my gut telling me so.

    Posted by matt | July 30, 2006, 6:00 pm
  5. Landis- It would be too perfect of an ending for hi to come out of this debacle squeaky clean, too perfect. Landis may clean in his mind, for all he knows HE didn;t do anything wrong according to his knowledge, o.k. fair enough. But, when you work for a HUGE corporation that pays you ALOT of money to ride a bike for a living, they expect results, and nothing more and definitately nothing less, ever. So when asked to go see the team doctor, who knows what the doctor was told to do. What did he stick Floyd with? We’ll know in about 3 weeks, that’s for sure. I used to be a pro cyclists I raced in Europe on my own dollar, I raced for small shitty teams, we never won a goddamn thing, I never felt the fame some of the “colorado camp” kids felt, I just raced day in and day out to feed myself. I’ve seen alot of truely disgusting behavior in cycling, behavior unfitting a so called professional. I quit because I couldn;t compete unless I wanted to give in to drugs, and I’m certainly not about that. Who knows about Floyd, we may never know, but the damage is certainly done indeed.

    Posted by Frank Brigandi | August 9, 2006, 10:22 am

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