lets fly to europe

Let's fly to Europe.

Where to start?

My flight to Amsterdam was F U C K E D. After racing Nationals in KC I dropped AndyWilson off at the airport and then sat around for a few hours before my flight to Chicago.

Chicago airport was nuts! My flight was delayed and I had to do the baggage shuffle. My crazy overweight bags and bikes had to get re-organized and I ended up carrying on my cranks and some spare tubulars and stuff.

On the flight to Dubiln from Chicago, I got stuck next to a bratty loud kicking and screaming 4 year old. Throwing food and the whole bit. It sucked. Her mom was totally oblivious and she kept crying “mommommommommommommommommommommommommommom” till mom woke up. Then I would glare at her. This went on for 7 hours. She threw food on me.

Ah Dublin. Nothing like a good old stereotype. There is even a pub style pub for you. I swear everyone in the airport looks like they should be in a British gangster movie. It was such a trip. I’ve never been to the Isles.

So I miss my connection in Dublin because my Chicago flight was delayed four hours. And they lose my luggage in Dublin. But I don’t find out until I get to Amsterdam. So I get to wait another 4 hours in Dublin and then another 3 hours in Amsterdam waiting for my luggage.

Amazing. Then I get to drive 2 hours south to Leuven, drive around and find a flat I have never been too, at midnight.

But I got out and rode the next day.


4 comments for “Let's fly to Europe.”

  1. Rule number 1: Avoid Chicago like the plague in the winter.

    Rule number 2: Benadryl. As in when mum is asleep, “Hey kid want some candy?”

    Looks like Antwerpen was KC part deux? (Frozen)

    Posted by Patrick | December 21, 2007, 4:20 pm
  2. Pick me up one of those sweet green hat`s, were you glaring at mom or the kid?

    Posted by Guy Smith | December 21, 2007, 11:26 pm
  3. Living the f-ing dream, baby. Loud kids, Ebola viruses on the plane, airports with strange people. Mmm. I know it well man. Nice representin’ at Scheldecross, Molly! Bring it harder and harder each time!

    Posted by Greg | December 22, 2007, 7:21 am
  4. What does Patrick know?
    Here’s the real deal: *you* eat the candy, the *kid* gets the benadryl.
    Your Favo(u)rite Parent
    (just flew 5 hours with 2 very well behaved, unmedicated children)

    Posted by JV | December 23, 2007, 2:26 pm

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