los angeles uci race weekend

Los Angeles - UCI race weekend!

YO check out this video:


Quick update here. I am down in Los Angeles chasing UCI points. A couple small races, put on by Dot Wong (long time CX racer) in San Dimas. I am staying with Jeff and Cara but, they are doing the 508 over the weekend so, I have the house to myself. Aaron Schooler is here staying with me too. Really, why do I always shack up with the Canadians?!

I had a rough week, if you could not tell by my most recent blog post and I was not feeling great on Saturday. Warming up my back was killing me and, 3 laps into the race it seized up and, I pulled the plug. Lots of stretching and lots of sleep were had last night and, I’m feeling pretty good about smashing it today!


Re-posting up this video I saw somewhere else because it is completely insane. Not safe for work, or anywhere really. Not sure if I love it or hate it, I love lady hip-hop and sex workers but, maybe this crosses the line into an offensive parody? Decide for yourself:


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