make pesto in the summer

make pesto in the summer.

I’ve been trying to get my resting HR data to send up to my coach. As I lay down I read: 48, 42, then zero. Weird. So, I make some calls and it turns out that a lot of HR monitors do not register anything below 40!

The guy at the company even said: “I did not know anyone could even get below 40!”

Ugh. C’mon people! Make a product that works!

End rant.

I’m making pesto and beets with Pete last night and she gets a call from her mom. A bridge has collapsed in Minneapolis!

Holy crap! She was there only days ago. And all of her pals live there, after a few frantic calls everyone she knows is doing alright. Totally scary though.

I’ve hardly been racing these days, I go on training rides, stare at the powertap, laugh at myself for staring at it and then keep staring at it.

“dude how many watts are you pushing?!”

The FMB tyres are rolling in and out. I’m excited about having them around, the small handful of people left who appreciate a handbuilt tyre are going to be very happy they got them.

Oh! I am almost finished with the FMB FAQ. It is not quite finished but you can look anyways.

I am going to start a fund raise for my cx season. I know, I know, it is the least PRO thing I could do. Real PROs get a paycheck and don’t have to beg for money. But, I am not going to be able to afford all the travel and racing expenses on my own.

So here we go.

Please forward the link far and wide, tell all your friends. I’ll be adding more sweet/hilarious stuff for sale as I can get it made up.

Send Molly to Europe to race cyclocross!

do it.


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  1. Formula 1 drivers have incredibly low heart rates due to intense cardio training. They experience extreme g-forces in turns and from acceleration, and deceleration (one driver recorded as low as 22bpms!!), so your heart rate monitor could be working just fine.

    I’ll drop by to give you some travel money soon- for that awesome euro-choco

    Posted by matt wade | August 4, 2007, 10:10 pm
  2. Mmm… pesto and beets!

    Good call. I’ve been rocking the pesto on eggplant and summer squash a lot lately.

    Posted by Mark | August 7, 2007, 4:49 am

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