mid cx season pbs open house japan bound

mid CX season. PBS open house! Japan bound!

I think…… I think I am taking the weekend OFF!

I’m 4th in the Cross Crusade overall standings but, I think I need to skip it tomorrow to prepare for the trip to Japan. Check out the photo! I’m just cracking up on the first lap!

2010 Cross Crusade #3 (Sherwood)

The open house last night was off the hook! And, I am truly, deeply mentally and emotionally wiped out!! So many great people to talk to, the future is going to be fantastic!! I love my life, my job and I love the cycling community we have forged over the last bunch of years!


I am flying to LA on Monday, then bouncing to Japan on Tuesday. I am racing the NOBEYAMA cyclocross race on Halloween weekend!

More Kansai cyclocross information!

I am sure by now you have all seen this:

Click on this image and know that I whole heartedly agree:
make me look like a cop

This is a pretty cute and accurate summary of cyclocross. Click on the image for the entire comic!



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