middelkerke report photo dump

Middelkerke report + photo dump!

I finished in front of Unai Yus yesterday.

Not a huge accomplishment in itself. But, Unai Yus has been at the back of many a PRO cx race for many, many a year.

Is this my fate? A decade of trying not to get doubled?

Middelkerke was more of what is becoming the same here. Ice, Ice, Ice. Short course, slick icy corners. Bunch of French riders drove over the border to race as the cx was on the North Western coast. Driscoll and Trebon get crashed out at the start, Page unclips and I almost gave him a push. I called JP to win it in Middelkerke but, an un timely flat cost him. I went looking for a dopingcontrole list after the race and the dozen UCI officials laughed at me.

“no list, no list.”

What a fucking joke. I swear they are always surprised when I am looking for the list.


I’ve dumped a bunch of photos and videos from the last week of racing and riding on Flickr.


Got a rub from a Belgian miner today.

Watched the Azencross on TV after eating dinner, amazing. I’m super sketched out with the icey ice courses. I’ve been pretty skittish since breaking my ribs last year. Some one was telling me I don’t look so comfortable in the corners. I’ll admit it, I’m not.

damn, it is late. need to sleep.

Big shout out to Jeremy Powers for the killer ride in Loenhout today. Nice.


4 comments for “Middelkerke report + photo dump!”

  1. “Got a rub from a Belgian miner today.”

    Sounds Drrrty.

    Posted by Chris | December 30, 2008, 3:06 pm
  2. Sickkkkk!!!!!

    Posted by Andrew | December 31, 2008, 12:10 pm
  3. Happy new year, Molly! Nice work in Luxembourg today!

    Posted by Joshua/Cyclo-Sportif | January 1, 2009, 7:15 pm
  4. looks like unai exacted his revenge today at sint-niklaas… even so, 26th in a field of 54, in belgium, aint nothing to sneeze at. kudos!

    Posted by joel | January 2, 2009, 7:13 pm

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