muggles squibs

Muggles. Squibs.

I have mixed feelings about putting a paypal button on my website.

fucking muggles.The Discovery channel team news certainly makes me feel a little less dumb asking for help from my broad cycling community. I figure if those hosers can’t even con anyone into giving them a bunch of money to ride bikes around. Then begging for help from other poor bike racers is not so bad.

Huge thanks to everyone that has been in touch so far. Lots of distant connections out there. It is amazing! I am super pumped to travel this fall and see a bunch of friends, old and new.

I actually went out and raced my bike for the first time in a month. The State crit champs were yesterday and after a morning of goofing off I found myself riding in circles for an hour. The running legs are like lead on the bike and while I would say: “that was not a hard race”, I certainly did not feel like I could pedal the machine very fast.

Portland mornings are turning into cx mornings. Overcast, brisk. The focus is drifting away from the road racing and towards the dirt, the transitions, the running. I am seeing everyone out on the cx machines, the smell of embrocation wafting as we pass each other.

My season starts with a bang on September 22nd. Starcrossed in Seattle! I’ll be staying with my Dad for a week plus and Joa Parbo and I will be bouncing down to CXVegas from Seattle and back up for a UCI C2 in Vancouver, BC.

I wonder if Kabush, Reain and Tolouse will be hitting that too.

Waiting to see another batch of FMB tyres this week or next! Custom tread pattern on some new tyres!

Team Vanilla has some exciting new sponsors this season. Keep your eyes peeled for top secret prototype equipment on our whips. No joke!

Spoke with Brian Vernor about coming to Europe this fall. He will be up here this week and there will be hanging out and riding of the bikes.

Late to work.


3 comments for “Muggles. Squibs.”

  1. Maybe Axel will be there as he’s now a Vancouver resident.

    Posted by seatown | August 15, 2007, 7:46 am
  2. Merckx or Rose?!

    Posted by Molly | August 15, 2007, 3:48 pm
  3. i don’t know why but that just made me laugh really hard.

    Posted by Rachel | August 15, 2007, 5:58 pm

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