new computer 6 hour mountain bike ride

New computer, 6 hour mountain bike ride.

Tour of California started today. I’m calling it, Levi is gonna win it and then be burned out for Le Tour de France but will come back to podium in the Vuelta. Basso is gonna stick it to Jan in the tour. I’m thinking Basso will do the Giro-Tour double.

Kinda been wading through a crappy week. Juggling too much stuff at the Veloshop, not staying on top of riding. Pete is still in Hawaii, she calls daily with stories of dolphins and bikinis. I think I am getting a coconut bra when she comes back.

I am loving the 2006 Olympics! Did everyone catch Shani Davis’ (first African American to win winter Olympic gold. ever.) post-race interview?

“How does it feel to win olympic gold?!”


“Are you mad?”

“no. I’m thrilled.”

The guy trains in Canada and shuns the US skating scene. It seems like the US Olympic/speedskating folks were not supporting him properly and trying to boss him around (did you catch the interview with Shani’s mom too?) so he just sticks it to the redneck american favorite and then (wisely enough) does not want to play into the “oh! You won gold! Now we love our black athletes!” crap.

Good for him. Does not owe anyone anything and is not afraid to just say “Hey, I did all the hard work, I got MYSELF here.” That is some pressure the cycling scene cannot relate to. Sometimes we feel like outsiders cause we don’t buy into NASCAR and Football. Just think about it for a second, his friends and community must think he is nuts. “What? You are into ice skating?” That is so gay.

What? I know you were thinking the same thing watching the ice skating events.

On a sad note. Cyclocross season is officially over. Fittingly enough on the day of the first road race here in Oregon. Mark Blackwelder got 6th in the cat 3 race I think. No other news there.

Rode with a big Veloshop possee out to Scappoose and back today. Ran into Mr. Too Vanilla ice, Slaven, Wilson and Stayton heading home as we finally got there.

I am typing to you on my new laptop. Thank you Apple, thank you Veloshop. I got the extended warranty too. If I have any issues in the next 3 years, I am covered!

Ran into another proud new owner of a 29er. Andrew Reed (who I was SUPPOSED to call to go riding this weekend) crossed our path on the way back home through Forest Park. Everybody is buying up those new Gary Fischer bikes! A quick and easy way to check out 700c mountain biking. Brian was jealous. Andrew’s is full XTR.

I got more to say. But mainly I am real excited to have a nice stable computer again. Now I can play cyclocross videos as I doze off while cuddling my laptop.


5 comments for “New computer, 6 hour mountain bike ride.”

  1. Hey, we put Cassius Clay in Jail, for chrissakes. Nothing more Merican than ignorin’ the wife and kids on a sunday gettin together with the fellas and wearing the same color hat. (after church of course) Vroom.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 21, 2006, 9:09 am
  2. I am suprised you haven’t met Andrew before as he is a solid cross racer in the A’s AND a regular at Stumpy downtown. anyway, he’s a great guy and really tall too. funny how all the tall people look so “normal” on 29ers.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 21, 2006, 7:50 pm
  3. I’m no jingoist, but I think saying that Shani got HIMSELF to Turino might be overstating things a bit. There’s no honor in shunning your team; he is on a TEAM, and there’s value in that. That’s why I ride for Veloshop, even in a sport that is largely dependent on *individual* training and effort. If Shani is down on the US team, let him compete unattached. What’s that? Can’t do that in the Olympics? That’s why there are Worlds.
    Even though I think it’s ghetto to publicly bad-mouth your team (or your teammate), it’s even worse that the coach can’t (or won’t) mitigate this personal rancor before it stinks up the airwaves.
    My $0.02. My teammates are cool.

    Posted by JV | February 22, 2006, 5:04 pm
  4. True.

    I watched that other clip with both of them at the press conference and Shani just dissing on his teammate right there.

    Ok, maybe he is a jerk. That was pretty harsh and you gotta maintain some level of professionalism, especially in front of the press.

    Thanks for letting us raid your fridge and drink all your beers last night!

    Posted by Molly Cameron | February 23, 2006, 7:37 pm
  5. Hey, if jv has the beer -> put out the call for all veloshoppers, including the slow ones! As you know from the shop, cross, the finish line, et cetera - I may be slow to arrive, but once I’m there, hoo, I have staying power. :)
    Something like the Bat light - a big pink laser or klieg lamp, circling in the sky when a stocked refridgerator is found.
    “Mmmmm, Beer” - Homer Simpson

    Posted by android | February 27, 2006, 7:14 pm

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