sitting in the airport with

Sitting in the airport with…

…team Clif Bar, Jon Verheul and Stu Thorne.

We are all pretty zonked out, it was a long weekend.

The “flyover”I got 22nd today. (17 bucks!) Finishing was a small victory in itself. The ribs were popping and creaking when I would take deep breaths. And I took a few…


I got caught by a couple riders with a few to go and almost got Mike Garrigan after a last lap desperate chase.

I beat Parbo. That was nice. Take that sucka!

I’m stoked to head home tonight, sleep in the same bed with my lady and drink Stumptown coffee. Looking forward to a few weeks of training and CxCrusades.

I’ve got more to say and photos to upload but, I am tired and sore.


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  1. Speaking of Crusades, you know you’re a celebrity when people dress up like you for Halloween. There was a “Molly” in the women’s race - Vanilla kit, Vanilla labels taped to the bike, copies of the tattoos in felt pen, lip ring.

    You have arrived.

    Posted by Michael Mann | October 30, 2007, 7:00 am

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