the weekly update

The weekly update.

Being tired is tiring.

Short track series again last night. Had a damn busy and damn tiring day. Almost thought about skipping it and going out for Thai food. You almost always feel better after you race so, I decided to tough it out and at least start the race.

There is a point where you realise that you would be better off not racing, the season is long, I’ve got bigger goals than a local short track series podium spot.

The Veloshop is busier than shit and I could easily have spent the entire night getting the shop to some point of functionality. I am really glad I have a solid mechanic right now. I’ll be ever happier this fall-winter when I am even busier.

Start race report:

Like I said. I was tired. I raced a pretty fast criterium in Vancouver, Washington Sunday night. I missed the winning break and chased pretty hard to bridge up to it. No dice. The break lapped the field. I was the jerk sprinting for 17th.

Monday saw me exhausted. Less tired from racing than my life beating up on me. Aaron, Shannon, Matt and I tore off the front after a pretty confusing first lap and kept it up until we got rid of Matt and I was “on the ropes” just barely hanging on to Shannon and Aaron and I swear at one point Shannon slowed it down just enough for me to latch back on to them.

We came into the final lap with Shannon a few bike lengths ahead of us and riding the technical stuff faster. I attacked and got ahead of Aaron in a dusty off camber turn and he got back in front of me in the motocross whoop-dee-doo stuff. It flattened out for a sec just before the finish and I attacked again and held it off for, yet again, 2nd place.

It was pretty fun to have a litle race going between us. Any one of us could have won it, one mistake and the other 2 could have ridden away for the win.
That was fun, bike racing. I could tell we were all real tired, the race on Sunday was pretty hard.
Pete is out of town for a couple days, heading up to Washington for a bachlorette party.

I rebuilt Campagnolo Record ERGO levers 5 times yesterday. 5 times! I remember 5 years ago when I daydreamed about touching Campy EGRO stuff… Now it is second nature to overhaul the damn things.

I’m in the final stretch of getting my cyclocross bikes together. Still waiting for my wheels and tyres to sort themselves out. Ritchey sent me some tubular rims but, I’ve got to find some pretty low spoke count hubs to build them on.

Still waiting to hear about new Schwalbe tubular cyclocross tubulars…


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