training camp day 1 sausalito california

Training camp. Day 1 Sausalito California.

Being back in the Bay Area is a slap in the face of nostalgia and memory.

I am a reflective person yet, not prone to regret.

It is amazing being back here again as, until recently, I’ve always considered San Francisco my “home”. I had never lived in any one city for longer than a few years (being a military brat) and once I had settled in the Mission, I thought I would never leave.

Portland had its allure. I spent a few months living through a winter in a converted barn in North Portland in a short term apartment swap. I remember sitting down on one particularly wet afternoon and writing out a list of long term goals. Most of them involved cycling and trying to lead a life that was sustainable, start a business (outside of the capitalist structure) or something. Things that were mere fantasy at that point. But, I realized that I would not be able to do them in San Francisco and I decided to try my luck in the NW.

I officially moved to Portland in 2001. After 8 years, Portland is my home but, San Francisco feels just as much home as Belgium does. Or Portland, for that matter.

The weather is nice and I want to move back. We spent an evening with new friends eating whore’s pasta and chocolate. An ex-New Zealand VTT champ entertained us with stories and Adnan and Kevin scared off the ladies with “too much bike talk”.

Waking up in Sausalito to a view of Tiburon and the Bay is pretty bad ass. So is the hill we have to climb up to get back to the flat.

There is a familiar scent here. Something in the air, the ocean mixing with pine. A lightness.

We took a spin and will be heading down to Santa Cruz for a few days of riding tomorrow.

Reservations at a fancy restaurant in the city tonight.


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  1. Sounds like a nice place to be. Is this for Organic Athlete?

    Posted by Chris | February 1, 2009, 9:00 pm
  2. Ayeee. Now *I’m* all nostalgic.
    We lived in Potrero though - technically Central Waterfront - the bottom of Potrero where no one really wants to live. Also Ocean Beach for a year… cold and gray but constant breakers + GG Park? Sort of heavenly. We were right on 48th so we could cross the street with our bagels on Saturday morning and sit and watch the waves crash…
    What a great town.
    We left for the same reason (so I could get the hell out of advertising) but I still love it every time I go back. Have fun! More importantly, eat stuff. Lots of stuff.
    And ride hard.
    We’re headed to Tucson for a little training camp also.

    Posted by Heidi Swift | February 1, 2009, 10:34 pm
  3. “start a business (outside of the capitalist structure)”

    Is Veloshop just a front? Laundering money? Illegal gun sales? Do tell!

    Posted by jza | February 2, 2009, 2:46 pm
  4. Hey Molly!
    I’m not sure if you will remember me but I was your partner at Michael Sylvester’s Trek Fit Seminar last February (probably the last time you were in town!) In case the e-mail didn’t give it away, I work with Adnan at LifeCycle Adventures now! Small world, right? I was Sitting at my computer, “working hard”, when I looked over and saw some of the cards you left at the house. Such an odd coincidence. Anyway, I just thought I’d say hi and wish you a great stay here in the bay. What an amazing view over there, right? I can’t wait to go sit on Adnan’s wheel around some of those roads. Enjoy the weather while it lasts!

    Posted by Chris Howard | February 4, 2009, 8:15 pm

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