waiting to hurt

Waiting to hurt.

pellizotti coincidenceGot up late after sleeping like a rock last night. No sweat as, our race is kinda late this Friday evening at 5:30pm. Got a few hours to kill before getting ready.

I had no idea Pellizotti was known as the dolphin. This is hilarious coincidence.

I saw last week that I got a nod as one of the “working class heroes of cyclocross” that is flattering. Damn flattering, thanks Velonews.

Also got a mention for, well just for having the most advanced bike out there. Thanks Oregon Live. Thanks Shimano.

And, keeping with my fascination with the Favela and slum life in general. I’d love to visit the favelas… wait a sec, no I would not. I’d get mugged faster than I could twit about it.


More later tonight, now I must pin numbers and put creme on the chamois.


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