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Brief pre-California update:

(daveO - I used the PRO Vibe carbon fibre handlebars! PRO was very kind to me this season. I would normally NOT suggest running a carbon bar for cyclocross. But after the beating I gave the PRO vibe bar… I would recommend them. They are still in great shape.) Tired. The “off season” is over […]

Pete down!

My lady got hit by a tree. No joke! We had a slumber party last night after she got some stitches in her hip. We watched “be kind rewind” and I took care of Devin and Pete as best I could. Michelle got to shower with Devin in the morning which was hott. Our doctor […]

why aren't you going to cyclocross worlds?

I’d like to tip my hat to the riders who have been selected to race the 2009 Cyclocross world championships for the US national team. I think Brian Matter and Matt Shriver busted their asses all fall and had some really good rides in Europe. I appreciate that Tim Johnson got a selection spot too […]

I've hit the ground running.

holy crap. Marnie Stern is blowing my mind right now. So damn good. I just can’t bring myself to put up the “worst flight ever” post. Too much revisiting the negative when, all I got going right now is the positive! So I leave you with this:

Photo dump: January 4th.

Tervuren. Ronde van Vlaanderen museum. Sadly, I did not get much from Luxembourg. - NOT a rear derailleur. Can you name this part?

Final day in Belgium.

It has been a total time suck the last couple of weeks. A vortex of cyclocross, racing, travel, racing. Not keeping up on the computer work. Really good videos and text over at Embrocation cycling journal. I just saw Jeremy Dunn off to the UK for a week before he heads to Boston and then […]

Embrocation cycling journal.

My pal Jeremy Dunn is over here doing some documenting. Nice little video from our trip down to Luxembourg up on his website. Embrocation cycling journal’s website is here.

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