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It is a numbers game…

USGP #4 wrapped up yesterday in 60+ degree weather! What a crazy weekend. I am really, really pleased with my race on Saturday. I thought I had an amazing race on Sunday. I’m going to make a long story short, mainly cause I am exausted and really need to take a nap. I am sitting […]

USGP #3 Glouscter!

Snow. We (Sarah and I) made it up to Rhode Island Friday night. Spent the night at Dan Action’s house. He is my pit crew for the weekend and a friend of Nathan Trombley’s. We made this HUGE vegan dinner, collards, 3 different salsas, African fufu bread, fried plantains, fried aubergine, yucca root. Amazing. Mike […]

Ghost bikes in NYC:

On the corner near a coffee shop I went to a few times in Brooklyn.

NYC, I'm not feeling you.

Yeah. Still here. The big apple. So, it IS true, Portland has the best espresso. The best bike culture, the best racing scene, the best organic produce, the best coffee shops. What can I say? We are spoiled. At least I know it. I used to think I was this super tough big city kid […]

Brian is a hottie.

Got a little news from the home front. My housemate-Veloshop teammate Brian Ellin ripping his rear derailleur off while leading his race. Ouch. I read some of thier race reports, seems like cross back home is going really well though a bunch of people are having more than thier fair share of mechanicals and flats. […]

My UCI sanctioned boxing match.

Woke up early this Sunday and headed up to the Wissahickon race east of Philly. A UCI cat 2 race today as the first World Cup race is also today (but in Europe.) I just checked out those results, I really, really like the Petr Dlask jersey thing. I don’t remember, did’nt he get dropped […]

Granogue UCI cross race!

Woke up this morning and rallied my mom to head north a bit towards Granogue. (GRA-NO with a frenchy accent, please.) Things did not go well between us today, she is my mom, she drives me nuts. And, today was NOT the day to drive me nuts. We stayed up late watching that Adam Sandler […]

Hanging out with my mom.

In Delaware right now drinking a poorly made Americano in the college town I went to high school. Ran into Mark Vettori, Barry Wicks and race promoter Tom McDaniels at the Granogue venue this morning when I got a few valuable pre-ride laps in. Mark V and I used to skateborad together when I lived […]

Veloshop cyclocross classic!

Wow, per usual I have been crazy busy. Got up at 5am on Sunday, shaved my legs and headed out with Issac and Brian to PIR to setup the course and get ready. Doug Moak (the River City Bicycles pit master) met us there and really did MORE than his fair share of labor helping […]

SRAM, Vegans.

This is a quote from a distributors email: “Last week’s “question du jour” was: What product or products were the best of the show? Overwhelmingly, you answered “Sram Road Group” This was also my top choice, but I thought that the new saddles from Fizik with the new clip for attaching bags was extremely clever. […]

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