12 hours of Wilamette pass:

After getting trounced by Santiam cycles (Evan Plews, teammate) and, the Bike Gallery team (Matt Slaven, Brian Wilson.) in the 2 person elite category, I am back in Portland enjoying a soy mocha. All quiet in the shop, it is Labor day. Hopefully it will stay quiet in here and, I’ll be able to get my Vanilla cross bike rolling today with some parts I have laying around so I can get down to training.

I feel really good. Nice and tired. My butt hurts, my wrist is sore. We had a great weekend. Veloshop (again) had the MOST number of teams and racers out there. Our 4 person ss team won, our 2 and 4 person ladies both took silver!

A funny thing about the race, I opted to start for my team (Cary Miller), woke up at 6am and got ready, went to the riders meeting and asked the promoter “how long to the start?”, “A few minutes.” Ha! Not one minute after I start peeling my jacket and shoes off he shouts GO! And off the race goes Le Mans style, up the hill, away from me. I just laughed and started running as fast as I could. The tactic was for me to lay it down on the first lap and get a clear gap and then keep ahead of everyone. I’m like 500m behind the entire race. Grab my bike, run past the tail end of the race and run, run, run up to some riders I recognise, find a gap in the clogged singletrack and hop on my bike just to have the rear wheel shift out of the dropout. I pedal for a second till it locks up and then I get off and block the trail for all the riders I just passed so I can futz with my rear wheel and get back to running past them all again. I made up the lost time and just tore the descent apart! I kept passing people and asking how many more in front. I got all the way up to 3rd when I came through the start area. Ha! The promoter apologised after I rolled in. The kicker is that the fastest lap of the race won a sweet Yakima rack. Sans mechanicals and errors, I think I would have qualified.

Or not.

I do have a bone to pick about the race. Planning on emailing the promoter about it but, I am pretty sure he does not read my site so… The race cost about $50-60 a person + the $15 late fee I had to throw down cause I am too busy to get my shit preregistered! I walked away with a medal and our ss winners walked away with clocks. I got to thinking about payout and race quality. There were only a handfull of elite level racers at this really great event. I am pretty sure no one walked away with cash. My thoughts are not totally together on this but, with such high entry fees, a REALLY long drive and expenses. At least the elite men and women should get some sort of cash prize. Shit, $40 would at least buy a couple of the winners dinner or fill the gas tank for the drive home. My teammates were all pumped about the raffle, a case of Red Bull, free Clif Bars etc. I appreciate the raffle aspect of mountain racing but, if elite riders knew they would have a chance to win a few bucks I think more of them would grace these small local races with thier presence and that would raise the bar of the competition and the quality of the races.

Yeah. That is why Veloshop is paying $500 to the elite men and women (equal payout) in the first race have I ever promoted! The racers that take thier racing really seriously should get a little help for thier effort. Keep them motivated and keep them involved in cycling.

End rant.

I did have a lot of fun. It was a good kick in the pants for cross. I’ve got to get fast. Cary is an awesome teammate and having a grip of friends there to heckle and support each other was invaluable. Oh, HUGE shout out to Brett Jarolomiek who was not even going to race and then decides at 6am to just do it solo. He did 10 laps (my 2 person team did 12) got 4th I think.

This is my roadie teammate that has not raced in months! Amazing.

I cannot get my rent money out of the bank due to the holiday but, I CAN put an Ipod on my bank card today and get it this week! Wait, I need cranks, bars, stems, and seatposts first. And, Brian (housemate, teammate, I’ll mention him alot) Ellin mentioned that MAC is releasing some Ipod-cellphone thing this Wednesday, I should wait and see if the others get cheaper, that $400 would cover my plane ticket to nationals. We did have the brilliant idea to get Apple to sponsor the team and set us up with matching pink Ipods.

Know anyone at Apple?

And, I decided to skip Interbike this year…

Stronglight also has a new carbon crankset, the Pulsion Activ Link. With an integrated titanium axle, the system weighs 610 grams. The 7075 T6 aluminum chainrings are treated with ceramic and Teflon for durability and quick shifts. The crank uses internal bearings and thus boasts a standard Q factor.”

I have been using the standard Pulsion CT road crankset (thank you Junk and Bargains) all season long and, am getting the mountain version today. They are f’ing sweet. Really. So stiff. There you go, my personal endorsement. They are pricey and do NOT run an external bb system which, I am not totally sold on. Not that I don’t like external BBs but my XT mountain crankset had an obnoxious Q factor, I ended up loathing to ride my bike cause my knees felt bad. I would ride the Dura crankset but, the Stronglights are just so much more mysterious. No offense Shimano…

Anyways, tech-nerdiness aside, I am chilling at Stumptown-Belmont. Enjoying a soy mocha, the Internet and sleepy eyes. Rode a little too hard yesterday, worked late in the shop, stayed up far too late fooling around with a rather drunk lady friend. This ought to be fun, typing out the details without giving away TOO much info. There was a going away party and I really just wanted to go home and sleep. She kicked everyone out of the house and pointed them off to a bar down the street. I lay on the floor stretching and laughing at the super wasted skater girls making fart jokes and fondling each other. She conned me into hopping into her bed while she went out and partied. I obliged and woke up an hour late, forgot all my spandex was in the wash and decided to skip riding and hit the espresso.

Lets talk about the bike shop.

I may have found a good mechanic. I HAVE found a good mechanic, I just need to figure out how to pay her. Buying you lunch and paying your race fees only works for so long. The shop is this insane thing to me. I really never imagined it would turn into what it has. I always knew deep down inside me that my shop would be a great shop but, I never dreamed that it would be as steady as it is. I am so close to making it flow. It still has it’s flaws, and I wish I had a lot of stuff I do NOT have but, it is steadily trucking along. It feels solid. Like it is here to stay. I’m not getting rich by ANY means but, it feels like I’ll be solid through the winter, with any luck.

Cherly Wilson just sat down with her new baby to enjoy a decaf and a chat. FYI, she is the woman in charge of the OBRA (Oregon bicycle racing association) website. The Cross Crusade site as well. Excellent photographer too!

Ok, I am losing steam. My Vanilla team framesets are finished! Crank Bros, DT Swiss, Chris King, Schwalbe, Fizik, and others have helped me out with product for the fall assault. I’ll put together a full spec page on my bikes. Photos too! (note to self: find time to put together a technical page.)

12 hour mountain bike race this Sunday. I am doing a 2 person team with Cary Miller. Perfect training for cross, hour long laps. One hour on, one hour off. I wonder if my spandex is dry yet.

Do I pay rent or buy an Ipod?

High Desert omnium part deux:

So, I sat up in the bunch sprint for 3rd in the road race. I won’t go into details about it but I did get to punch my handlebars like I was in the tour de France and throw my hand in the air in disgust. That meant we ended up with a 3 way tie for 1st overall. The race official actually came up and shook my hand later, “That was very classy, I saw you getting bumped out in there.” That acknowledgement meant more to me than my position in the overall.

I got to watch my dominant cat 4 teammate Mike Hildebrant win the RR and Crit back to back! Jess rolled in for 4th in the RR leaving Mike and Jess 1st and 5th overall! (cat 4 racing may not mean alot to some of you but, it is super impressive to see your novice teammates stepping up and racing like badasses. Plus I think the cat 4 average MPH was faster than the pathetic 23 MPH we did for 60 miles.)

I need some teammates to work with. I drove a break for the last 10 miles and just did not have the gas to follow Rand Shoaf and Aaron Coker off the front for the win. I was actually bossing around other teams riders trying to get them to do some work for me! (it worked!)

Big thanks to Schwalbe tyres, I got my new “light” race tyres the day before the race and I loved them. I brought a few spares and we actually ended up needing them when Michelle got a flat before the TT.

It was my birthday yesterday, 29 years. Which reminds me, I think Mark King is like 16 years my senior. If he beats me at any cross races, I’ll buy him candy.

Did I mention I attacked at mile 2 in the RR? Andrew Reed bridged up to me and was aggressive the whole race. So good to see him on the bike.

Anyone catch those new SRAM “ergo” style shifters?

Off to the shop.

High Desert stage race:

Writing from Damian Schmidt’s house here in Bend, Oregon. Michelle, Jess and I drove out Friday night after work to race the High Desert Omnium (TT, crit, road race). We did’nt hit much traffic though we did catch the start of “Hood to coast” while driving over Mt. Hood, lots of runners, running in the dark. Damian is a sweetheart, letting us crash on his couches, his housemate is one of the race promoters, and back to the point, we woke up and raced a time trial and criterium, got a road race tomorrow.

Jess got 3rd in the cat 4 TT, damn impressive. While I was warming up, Nathan heckles me about NOT having aerobars or a disc wheel. He started a minute in front of me and I told him if I caught him he would have to pull his aerobars off and throw them away. Well, (not to add insult to injury, Nate.) when I passed him, he said, “fuck.” and I rode on to win the TT (first time trial in years!). Michelle rode one her first TTs and finished exahusted. That’s good. You should be wasted after a time trial.

We wandered into Bend and had sandwiches, stopped by Hutchs bike shop and I totally scored one of those World champion striped Arione saddles. You can’t find those anymore! (on a side note, Fizik is sending me a couple of saddle for my cross season! Thanks, thanks, thanks. It all f’ing helps alot.) So I slapped it on my bike before the crit and…

…a few hours later I got to watch Mike Hildebrandt win the cat 4 criterium, powering away on the last lap and just sticking it to the line. Michelle rode tough like usual she keeps getting lumped in with the 1/2 women and having to duke it out with far superior riders. I rode smart and got 2nd place by half a wheel. Shout out to the local Bend junior Rand. Strong mountain biker, strong road racer. 17 years old? Don’t burn out!

Enough about racing, we killed some vegan pizza and are now watching “Old School” at Damian’s. I keep cracking up between typing. Holy shit, the blow job scene. Wow.

No drama, no making out, I’m going to bed. Gotta protect my overall tommorow.

2nd place is the first loser.

Raced the Oregon state points race championship at the velodrome last Sunday. Mikkel Bossen, Walker Starr and I lapped the field right off the bat. Walker is a damn good sprinter. I got beat fair and square. 150 laps, pretty long, pretty hot. Got a rubdown from Molly Carlson afterwards.

After the points race we went up to Patrick’s fancy ass condo in the Pearl district. Had a little team planning meeting about our first cross race. It went really, really well. There is lots of new talent coming into the team this year and the first Veloshop race EVER is going to go flawlessly. Patrick has been amazing, he is super enthusiastic, and responsible. Doing a killer job of handling the race prep.

I tricked a lady friend into meeting me later, we wandered around and had a serious conversation in the grocery store. I’m pretty pissed off about some stuff. She was a really good listener and had some eloquent insight. Mmmmm. No more drama, lots more racing.

What am I listening to? Gary Numan. ’79-81. Did I mention I spent 12 hours in the shop on Saturday? Yep, rebuilding Ethan’s Francisco Moser. It is so, so sweet. A pleasure to work on.

Well, I am going to get our Veloshop uniform order together and, meet with a sponsor tomorrow morning after a few hours on the bike. Wish me luck.

Rookie mistakes.

I spaced out in the Miss and Out at the track last night, forgetting that we were doing a 2 up final sprint NOT a 3 up. I won the other 2 events but my 3rd place left me 2nd in the Omnium. Been training lots. Getting all ramped up for a couple short stage races, and effectively cyclocross.

Bought my plane tickets out to the east coast for 5 UCI cross races.
Wow, exciting. I hopped on the internet and snagged a $290 ticket to NYC and back. Jetblue seems pretty cool about bikes, besides it being another $50 each way. Almost cheaper than UPS. I may just ship the pit bike to a shop in Delaware and bring the “A” bike on the flight. Going to get to see my mom and take her to 3 of the races! That is rad. Rad? Who says rad anymore?

The shop is, of course. Nuts. Per usual. Oh! Here is the link to our cross race in Hood River!

2005 Veloshop Cyclocross season opener!
September 24th, Hood River, Oregon.

I’m going to revamp this site soon. I’ll be putting a link up for all my personal sponsors, my racing schedule, etc. I’ll be keeping this seperate from my shop website. I want this to be very personal, I have some pretty strong politics, I’d like to let people know where I’m coming from, what I am all about, what I am doing and why.

My personality is so often just an extension of my shop. I am so busy and focused on racing and paying the bills that my friends forget that I am wicked fun and not always a snotty bitch.

Gotta go get a Thai iced tea and glue up some wheels. More soon!

Twilight crit!

I did a 4 hour ride Friday morning and kept falling asleep at the shop. Luckily I ran into Adam as I was headed to work and he came by and let me take a long lunch. Dozed off after I closed up in the comfy chair and woke up just in time to see the Pro race downtown. Pretty exciting to watch Health Net team attack and attack and attack, ending up with the win from a 2 person break. Nice to see Shannen and Nathan in the break that lapped the field.

Testing 1 2 3

Yep. This is the first post on my new website. Expect to see tons of info about my racing and crazy busy life. I’m new to blogs and tend to loate the internet but, we’ll see how this goes.

2005 Race Results!

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