“I just want to fucking shred.”

accumulation_5I just read some emails from two frame builders I truly respect. (I mean that.)

“Bikes aren’t art to me. They are vehicles for beating the crap out of myself and others.”


“I just want to get on my mountain bike and fucking shred. I don’t want to think about branding, culture, cross marketing the whole “bro” system or any of that BS. I want to build bikes that challenge my abilities but make people want to get some aggression out and have a good time. Any time I read a builder interview and “brand” is mentioned, I shudder a little bit. I see the value, and I even try to embrace it from time to time (gotta pay the bills somehow) but cycling has always been about getting your rocks off in whatever method makes you happy, right?”

So awesome. These are two guys, who I do not think have ever met. Making sick, clean bicycles about 2000 miles away from each other.

Sorry I made your emails public, you rock.


This is a photo of Sean f’ing Kelly.

At a desk.



No, Indy Fab did not write either of those emails. But, I do appreciate their latest blog entry. I like photos of work spaces. Organic spaces that have evolved from years of use.

GENDER+his(her)story. (and more Kano)

“Look. Yo!”

(first line in one of my favorite Gorillaz songs)



So, I am really struggling here. I need to write an “introduction” to Molly Cameron for sponsorship proposals and press releases. I loathe writing about my self. It is sooo hard. (I can already see the comments pouring in “and… you write a blog about yourself you self-important jerk!”) But, it is hard. And the kind of work I need to do but, just loathe doing. I’ve used loathe twice now. That means I am not thinking very creatively.


I’m going to go and re-read the story Josh Cohen (printed in cyclocross magazine) wrote. Yeah, now THAT is not self important. Is it PRO or EURO to reference articles about yourself to write more about yourself? I don’t know; ask your local, lovable curmudgeon! Some sarcasm here but, the point is writing about gender in my personal context. Presenting it to the public in a thoughtful and concise way. Without making it my sole cause or championing it. I’m damn proud of who I am but, I also don’t like shoving my politic down people’s throats. So, I am struggling with this one.

How do I introduce someone who has no idea who I am to myself. I am certainly a product of what I believe in. Yet without having a half hour conversation with someone who has NO concept of gender identity, a simple blurb does not suffice.

For instance, I run into Kano at a bar. We start talking; he just started riding bikes again. Has no idea who I am but catches one of my friends calling me “she”.

“Oy!” Kano says, “you a bird mate?”.

How do I respond, with out roping him into a 40 minute processing session. I need a quick 30 second blast of intelligent thought.

You would think after a decade+ I’d have this dialed…


Hey with all that said, I’ve been meaning to comment on the comments on one of my favorite web-journals. The Competitive Cyclist blog.

This post got a bunch of hilarious comments.

I LOVE the PRO haters. I was dating someone who hated that I wrote PRO in caps and used it to refer to well, almost everything. (is it wrong that my life is too PRO? That I eat PROBARS, am sponsored by PRO components and it says PRO on my license?) PRO is certainly something I aspire to yet, not something I put a lot of thought into. I’m self-aware enough to know I am making fun of MYSELF every time I mention PRO or EURO ness.

And, the comments in the CC blog are brilliant. A bunch of bitchy dudes bitching about other bitchy dudes mis-using PRO and my gender pronouns and then trying to self-promote their businesses and prove how intelligently witty they are! so pro.

I do appreciate the voices that popped in to correct the gender in my defense. Thanks!

(and yeah, I’m surprised but, not surprised at all that my gender keeps coming up over and over again. We forget that cycling is a very straight little scene. Lots of people are not exposed to gender queer and punk ideals.)

PS: I should add that I love what CC is doing. Looks like they are running a decent business, they are keeping the PRO dream alive with legit product offerings and a clean PRO as website. If I had the means, I would have a business model similar. But, I don’t so, enjoy my mediocrity as I struggle to create something awesome here in Portland!

And, I appreciate the props. CC has no obligation to tip their hat my way and mention shit about FMB and my relationship with Francois. Most businesses would never do something like that. Most never mention or even give a digital “high-five” to your competition. It seems the mindset is to bash what every one else is doing. Whether it is PRO or not PRO, EURO or not EURO, haters wait for a sign of weakness, a slip up and a moment to strike.

Well, if there is one thing that is easy to do on the internet: be a critic. Not original or very difficult.

I’m more interested in putting creative and interesting work out there. (internet or otherwise)

Ahem! Good job Compcyclist! I certainly appreciate your expensive tubular wheels and you won’t get any hate from me for bringing more FMB in to the US. Unless we make him so busy that he can’t deliver my custom built tubs for the cx season!

Then yr f’ed.


I’m not quite sure what the hell is going on in either of these videos:

And, I can’t come to terms with how much I like this video. So generic. So “done before”. Yet still I linger.



The dude filming the video below is STOKED! And kinda gross.

Shit, when I was ten and Leia was all imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt (I should add that before she was captured she broke into Jabba’s palace and threatened him personally with a thermal detonator!!) I could not come to terms with how awesome I thought it all was. Jabba sucked and Leia ruled. I pretty much wanted to be Leia and wrap my chains of oppression around the “man’s” big fat lizard neck, kill some anonymous mercenary bodyguards, shoot the main cannon into the deck of the only vehicle keeping me above and out of the Sarlac pit and then bail on the scene without a hair out of place.

And after watching the video below… I’m not quite sure what the hell I want to do with myself.

Move to LA and get involved in the entertainment industry? Apparently THAT will get me into some “prisoner Leia” garb.



Team Beer Wax On poster

And this went down a few weekends ago. D. Roth took all his hair off. yowza.

Appreciate how the man’s expression does not change from start to finish.

Cold blooded killer.

Take a video tour of Portland Bicycle Studio:

Caveat: this is a pretty crap little video. And a little redundant as, I’ve posted it up already on the ol’ social interwebs:


There you go. That is where I spend a lot of my time these days. I love my job, I love/hate the bicycle industry.

I love custom cycling and the personalities involved in creating it.

Smoke monsters and Sea Otters. Table Rock and more.

I am just back from a great weekend in Southern Oregon. The Portland Bicycle Studio road team made the trip 5 hours south from Portland to race the Table Rock road race last Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend training in the beautiful Rogue River - Wolf Creek area.


The road race was a punchy - hilly loop. We ended up riding about 80 miles. Short, steep climbs. In the first lap our team mate Devin Zoller got in a 3 man break with Jason Riffle and those bastards stayed away for the better part of 70 miles. We caught them in the final lap on the lone 10 minute climb on the course. Devin and Jason were going backwards and covered in sweat. I patted Devin on the back as I rolled past: “need food? water?” nope. Good work Devin.

Rogue River ride.Kelly, Steven, Doug and myself had the pleasure of sitting in for most of the race. The climbs were steep enough that they hurt but, short enough that everyone could catch back on. There was even a 50+ mile section of the descent that had me off the back hoping no one’s tyres blew out.

Doug and Steven were our leaders for the day and they both got popped off the lead group of about a dozen guys as we caught the early break on the last long climb. I saw it all going down and rolled up to them and slapped them into shape. “hey, ease off a little” No f’ing way bitch! I am going to get you back onto the leaders if my life depends on it.

I got to cuss and spit a little bit as we spent 10 minutes chasing the leaders. It was just the 3 of us PBS riders and then a Sellwood VTTer caught us and added some strength to the chase.

We got there right at the bottom of the finishing climb, a steep 1k kicker. ouch.

I barked at my boys to move up and get in good position then, I pulled the plug as, I was cooked and could not see anyone behind us for at least a minute.

7th place for me. We got Steven into 3rd and Doug a solid 5th place. Go team!

Hennie + Kano + Wiley

A few videos for you:



Tell me. Where should I race this cyclocross season!?


Really, help me out people.

Do I go to Japan? (check out this gallery of a local Japanese cyclocross scene!) Daisuke is super rad and his race will be a first year UCI C2 in 2 seasons. Should I go over and help it out before it goes UCI?!

Shall I put in the efforts in the UK? Will the Brits give a shit about another anglo-phile coming over to get shelled? Is there cyclocross on Islay?!

I had a conversation a couple years back. About “sandbagging” and “cherry picking” UCI points and races. Traveling around the US and hitting all of the smaller races to rack up the UCI points. I thought it was crap back then and, I still think it is crap. I LOVE giving the smaller communities and small cyclocross scenes some love and attention. Help them build their cx programs and series up. And these days, there is no cherry picking. There are FAST riders at even the smallest UCI cx race anywhere in the US!!

Let’s hear some stories from the UK, the South East US, Southern California and Nippon!

What are the dope local races to do? (I did just get some emails from the UK with advice, thanks guys!)


One 2009 Ridley X-Night frame set available for sale.

Ridley X - Night customI still have one of my race frames from last season available for sale! A very light, stiff and good-looking cyclocross race machine.

52cm size. Max saddle height range: 75cm (center of bb to top of saddle) or lower (you can re-cut the seat mast).

Custom paint: Matte carbon finish with sky blue and white accents.

In excellent condition, limited paint dings, no cracks or damage.

More photos of both bikes on my flickr page.


Email me directly or give me a call: 503.841.8006

Tight hamstrings. And brain hurts.

Gabby you are one tough lady. Maybe I should think about heading over to the UK and racing?


Late night.Was just talking with Jeremy Dunn (JD) about writing. I’m impressed with the amount of words he puts to paper. Some exciting shit going down this spring. Hanging out late this evening in the Rapha North America office because soon, I won’t see him for 2 months. Peace out! We are getting tons of work done tonight. Dinner + chocolate. boo-yah. Totally my style. —>

I’m just calling Roger Hammond out to win Paris-Roubaix this weekend.
Why? I love an underdog. And, because when we lined up to start a shitty little cyclocross race in Wachtebeke 4 years ago we looked at each other and snickered, as we both knew we were going to get lapped on this 4 minute a lap course.


Oh man… Whaaaaa? Come on. When I was a kid, I wanted a PK ripper so bad. Cause it was the shit. It was the best bike you could buy. The top shelf. I did not know shit about riding BMX bikes but, I knew that one day, probably when I was an adult, I could afford one.

I don’t want a cheapened version of one of my dearest memories. Fuck these walmart dropouts, integrated headset and BS hipster geometry.

Total cost to produce: $83.37 and a small part of your soul.

No thanks. Let’s try to keep it real, eh?

I do, however want to buy a stainless steel road bike. 1100 grams?! That is lighter than a Pro Machine!


Be careful out there.


What does NSFW mean anyways?



So, when IS a lesbian NOT a lesbian? Besides on the “L” word…


I like buying my fancy chocolate HERE. Thanks for putting in the work and writing a decent blog Robin. Don’t worry about my vegan sensibilities. I can appreciate beautiful things, even if I am not interested in eating them myself.

Dropping some beepbeepblipbeep music on you:

My coach and my employees are hating me for these videos:




I am turning into an electro-slut. The best part of this video is at 3:40.


Electro-slut theme continuing:

Exclusive New Video - Stupid - Redlight
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And this takes me back. Punk shows at the BART stations in the Misssion!

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