a couple more awesome sponsors lined up today


A couple more awesome sponsors lined up today!

That is always a great way to start your week. Well that and then freaking out that you have not seen all the rest of your equipment and the first cx races are mere weeks away.

Thanks for the video heads up Booooooom. Combines a few of my favorite things: skateboarding, architecture and film:

I am building up the heaviest training wheels I think I have ever built. dp-18 rims. It will be like weight training.

I’ve been too busy to keep up on the current cycling news myself and well, Cyclingnews has been turned into an ugly mess. So I have other people digest and feed the important bits back to me. Another great read. Thanks Whit.

mtb_blackHere is a sneak peek into my pals at Courier Coffee roasters.

I met up with the rep for BONT shoes and 2XU compression garments. Going to bring the 2XU stuff into Portland Bicycle Studio. Very awesome. Check out those BONT shoes too. FULL CARBON TT SHOES? WTF!

k-edge_clampHave you seen these K-Edge chain watchers? This is the new clamp on style. Take a look at Heidi Swift’s bike for the classic braze on model.

Things are getting awesome.

I keep ordering cx tyres and people keep telling me to order more. “hey you just ordered a couple dozen. why not a few dozen next time?” um… ok. sure.


2 comments for “A couple more awesome sponsors lined up today!”

  1. I was thinking about building up some of those velocity b-43s with these boat anchor no name hubs I found floating around the shop. Don’t forget the thorn resistant tubes!

    Posted by Jason | August 24, 2009, 7:05 pm

  2. yo hope als well.

    ?got a par of bonts 4months ago. w/ speed play direct mount. how hard is it to get a fore aft adjust plate? build one?

    i mounted the speeds direct to shoe the clearance is awesome except a millimeter (or2) toe over lap.

    i’ll be giving ya plenty cheers……………..& hopefullie few jeers although it will be as my old man would say “cause your better”

    Posted by graz | August 26, 2009, 10:56 pm

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