a fire that smolders


A fire that smolders.

For a very long time I have been sitting on feelings and emotions… considering writing on past experiences that have left me disappointed, hurt and hell, emotionally devastated.

This blog post from Mike Vallely re-kindled the flame. It is a good read. Though if you know nothing of skateboarding, it may not have relevance.

I’ve been disappointed too many times by too many people and am so bored with people using/choosing their “brand” over their friendships or using the classic: “it is not personal, it is just business” line to make it acceptable to behave like a shit-bag. I am over it. Way over it.

I’m far enough removed from most of these folks now that it might feel good to get it all out; like Vallely dishes on Powell in his post.

Mike Vallely was a hero of sorts when I was a kid growing up skateboarding, it is crazy to read his experiences from 20 something years ago in such a condensed and raw, personal way.

It bums me out to see people with genuinely positive intentions get manipulated and burned. That is something that hits home. Having gone into so many friendships, partnerships and business relationships with positive (and likely naive) goals and communication only to come out of them completely manipulated.

I’ve made it a point in my life to never, ever put business above my friendships. You have to make some tough calls as a small business owner but, I believe you can do good, honest business without fucking people over.

There is something in the way I am wired that does not want to acquiesce to the bullshit in the world. I don’t believe you have to play the game like all of the other motherfuckers play the game. So I’m going to give it to you straight and expect to get the same respect back. No lies, no manipulation.

It often baffles me that people can’t or don’t see through the fake, slimy veneer some people exist in. Yet the longer I live, the more I see the lying bastards growing bigger and bigger. It is a bro-fest out there and well… I am just not interested in being a bro. I want more out of life, more out of people. I don’t do the superficial, I want it raw and real.

(the attack Vos puts down at :40 epitomizes my feeling on attacking. Don’t attack when it is easy, attack when it hurts the most. SO AWESOME!)

Y’know, I probably would have won a few more bike races in my life if I was a bigger asshole on the bike. Yet as many fucking disappointments (and there have been so many) as I have suffered on the bike, deep in the core of my being, I would not be able to live with myself if I played the game dirty.

I truly believe in honesty, hard work, dedication, lots of passion and dreaming big. Bigger than I probably should.

It is how I approach cycling, my business, my lovers and my friends.

Wow. For the first blog post in months, I did not expect this… not writing to toot my own horn here, Vallely’s post elicited an emotional response and I reacted.


End rant.

Now watch this video of some BMX kid getting all Zef and taking it to the next level. His landings are so clean it makes me want to cry.


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  1. In ways I cannot explain this post warmed my heart. Thank you so much and here’s wishing you nthing but the very best of everything in 2012. Happy riding -beth

    Posted by beth h | December 24, 2011, 11:30 am

  2. Thank you Molly, like Beth said this post warmed my heart too. Honesty is a big part of me I have no time for politics, positioning or putting a spin on something. Tell me like it is and I’ll either like it, live with it or walk away, at least we all know where we are. Wish there were more decent folk in the world. Cheers and happy new year to you!

    Posted by chr15 | January 3, 2012, 5:59 am

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