for those about to rock


For those about to rock!

molly keiser cxHey kids, its been too long.

A week ago, I was doing #CXSchool with a couple dozen riders, after things got real hard and a couple of us peeled off to ride home the fun way we came across a gentleman trying to repair his flat tyre at the top of Saltzman. We helped out a bit and he says:

“Are you Molly Cameron?”


“I read your blog… well I used to read your blog.”

Oh snap! There it is! meta-culture (and some protoculture) slapping me in the face! GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR AND START WRITING AGAIN! So here we go:

Cross is coming, you should be training. But, if you are in the hater-camp; tired of the hashtags, tired of the excitement, tired of the anticipation, annoyed by early season cyclocross races, annoyed by late-season cyclocross races and sick of all things cyclocross CX CROSS CX2016…

I got nothing for you. Cyclocross is really hard and it is really fun. It is accessible to all levels of rider and can be refined into an art form by the rare few. It is hard for people to emotionally and mentally reconcile how incredible the sport is, how difficult it is to be really good at it, how rewarding it can be and how devastating it can be. For some it is a job, for others a hobby, for others… something to loathe.

Not many things are like it. A completely inappropriate use of equipment originally intended and designed for a different sport.

No one likes pity parties, haters or excuses. Find your place in cyclocross; it is not going away and we’ve got 6 months of it ahead.


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  1. blogs not dead.

    keep on writing.

    I agree- cross is really fun and it is really hard…

    good on you.



    Posted by fatmarc | August 21, 2015, 12:25 pm

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