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Good! Busy, tired.

One thing everyone knows about me is that I usually respond: “Good! Busy, tired.” when I am asked: how are you?

It’s because I believe in doing great things and I leap at opportunities; even crazy opportunities. I rarely say no to people or cool projects and that keeps me very busy. I also love being an athlete and that keeps me real tired when piled on top of running my businesses, the sports group, managing staff, athletes and business partners. I kid myself that 2017 will be the year I start saying “NO” to people and projects. That remains to be seen. I don’t love being busy for busy’s sake as I believe in excelling in everything you do. I have been very quiet over the last few months as I’ve been working on a few exciting projects. So hell yes, I’ve been damn busy! And here is the one project I can announce immediately and I am thrilled about it:

3928 Bike Shop

We have just opened up a new pop-up bike shop in North Portland! Located in the growing and exciting North Williams ave. bike commuter corridor, this is an exciting homecoming for me as, I founded my first bike shop in this neighborhood all the way back in 2001.

With something like 100 bike shops in Portland, why open another one?

Because we saw a place where we could work within the community that has always given so much to us. When I started my first bike shop, it was in a storefront in Northeast on MLK at Fremont. The cycling community and this neighborhood (well, all of the North and Northeast neighborhoods) supported us from day 1, and truly made it happen for us and saw that little bike shop grow into a bigger shop, that eventually moved downtown and developed and grew into an even cooler shop with unique offerings, fantastic culture, rad service, good times and great people.

So needless to say; I have been damn busy. The logistics have been eating up a lot of my time and energy (and my amazing staff’s time and energy) and has kept me off the bike for most of the last couple months. I’ve been doing that balancing act I do when work comes up; I only get to ride at bike races on the weekends cause I’m hustling and running around during the week. I never thought I would ever be on the phone, having meetings and communicating with people as much as I do these days. The balance tips and I do my best to adapt and keep moving forward.

This has been a truly incredible year. I won’t lie, it has also been an incredibly challenging one. Challenging does not mean bad as nothing great comes easy.

A few days into this 3928 North Williams location and the energy here in the bike shop is amazing. The good vibes are real. It is positive here. It feels incredible to come back home to North/Northeast Portland.

I am a critic and am certainly very critical of all of the changes we have been experiencing as a city and as a regional culture. There is so much growth and many new things coming to Portland and not all of it is bad. I feel good about being a real part of the Old Portland that can come home and say, “Portland is amazing and through all this change happening, we are still here and can keep this city amazing. Bikes are cool, let’s grow together and do good things!”

Announcing 3928 Bike Shop. A neighborhood shop. For Portland’s bike riders by Portland’s bike riders. Come stop by and say hello.


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