i love a good papertowel test


I love a good papertowel test.

For serious, you need to get into a pair of these Castelli nanoflex leg warmers. They are awesome. I’ve been using them since last summer (it rains a lot in Portland) and, they completely rule. The double gripper on the inside and outside of the thigh-band is a nice touch.

I strongly encourage the use of leg warmers vs. knee warmers. I’ll even accept leg warmers OVER the shorts vs. knee warmers or bib knickers any day.

You all know the rule. Keep the legs completely covered until it is over 20c/68f. Unless you are racing, then of course you slather your legs with Mad Alchemy Molly Cameron edition embrocation. Look at the pain on my face… oh the suffering!

More absurd than the video below is the pre-road season cock sizing. Well check out my watts! Just kidding, I don’t have many of those right now. Yet, I keep breaking powermeters… which means something, right? Really awesome was finally hearing about my local cycling hero tearing the legs off of a bunch of super models out on a bike ride and not telling anyone about it!

My goal for this road season is to out smart everyone else… As I am certainly not going to be out-watting anyone out there.


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  1. Nothing like a bit of kitchen counter science to back up claims, rather than stupid made up marketing science, although ‘nanonflex’ might fall into that category. Well whatever it looks like they work.

    Wonder whether they’ll stand the test of time in the washer?

    Tell me is it possible to get some of that awesome signature embrocation shipped to the UK?

    Posted by chr15 | February 10, 2011, 8:02 am

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