im a believer


I’m a believer!

gawk_onStrange times these. Contador becoming likeable, British riders clobbering everyone on the climbs. You gotta have hope this is all a good sign.

Watching Froome climb like a gawky bird on a bike… I appreciate the spinning, the cleat placement, the whole package. It is ugly and effective. It works for him. It is not that I admire Froome particularly, but rather… I like that he properly calls it cheating.

Quotes like this: “I’m not sure I said I was honoured, I said I would only take it as a compliment,” Froome said. “Obviously Lance won those races, but to compare me with Lance… I mean, Lance cheated. I’m not cheating. End of story.”

And I appreciate that Lemond calls it like it is. Eventually the clean performances will catch up and surpass the doped ones. This is the hope I cling to. You can stare at watts and Vo2 and w/kg and Pantani vs. Armstrongs times up all these climbs as benchmarks. But one day, legitimately clean riders will surpass these benchmarks.

“…in 20 years I am confident my results will stand.” Virenque never said that. And as far as I can tell neither did Armstrong.

Froome’s humble first words after winning the ITT today: “I did not expect to win today.”

I appreciate that.


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