put it on it works fine you shift with your brain


Put it on, it works fine. You shift with your brain.

Jesus. Can Parlee do no wrong? Dropping amazing bomb after amazing bomb!

This is completely unreal. Yet, it is very, very real.

I’ve been riding Shimano Di2 for 3 years. It is flawless and proven. Wins races, gets power washed daily, crashed, beaten up and ridden into the ground. Still works perfectly. I don’t have 10 bikes and an endless supply of replacement parts like a PRO team. I’ve got a couple of groups and I’ve been racing on one of the Di2 groups from the start. Through snow, ice, Belgian sand, Japanese mud, Las Vegas’ summer heat. No bullshit, it works.

How do you better such a solid platform? Oh right, improve the User Interface. Or just blow the UI apart and re-think it.

…and with this development, Skynet is just that much closer to dominating us. Well shit, at least our new electronic overlords will have precise bicycle shifting.

Hats off to Parlee and Prolly.

(haters will hate. I bet there are still some of you out there moaning about the development of the clipless pedal)


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