stop complaining about summer time cyclocross racing


Stop complaining about summer time cyclocross racing.

There have been cyclocross races in the summer for as long as I’ve been racing cx. And every season people start complaining about how it is not real cx, the races are earlier and earlier every year and how is it ruining the cx season, ruining road season and they are going to protest the early cx season by just riding mountain bikes all fall.

Well, I will be riding mountain bikes and doing big fun road rides all fall too; and you will still see our team and my face at all of the pre-season cyclocross races.

These people like to make up arbitrary rules about the hows and whats of cyclocross. Their knowledge of cx is infinite, with the internet and their computers. The same people that consider tubeless wheels and box section tubular rims for cyclocross! Americans!

Ronny says: “we created this great cyclocross course in the forest and the riders will be able to test themselves in the pre-season. This is not a big race like Hofstade or Zolder, we do this because we love cyclocross.”

The early season is the PRE-SEASON. Whether you are starting your 2013, 2014 or still finishing up your 2012 season, stop complaining about having races to attend and test yourself.

If they fit in your training program, do them. If not, don’t complain. Support those who are racing and don’t whine about the conditions and the courses. Do you know how many bike races were cancelled this year? Neither do I, but it was a lot. “wah wah summertime is supposed to be crit season!” Where are your crits now? You critic, you heckler, you amateur!

Go support your local race promoter! Or put your own damn race on and stop complaining about having bike races to do. Cyclocross has created more growth and participation in road and mountain bike racing than any of that racing has been able to do for itself.

Even the best in the world fall on their face in the early season. Klass went on to win the Belgian National cyclocross championship a few seasons later. You go hard, you make mistakes, you learn from them and you take all of that and move forward into the the fall and winter.

You have to train, and practice and train. And part of training is riding the early season races, having some fun and supporting the local race promoters + giving the cycling fans something to talk about.

Contribute something to your community or find your self soon with out a community to criticize.


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  1. This post ruined my bike race season.

    Posted by Christopher Smith | August 26, 2013, 6:35 am

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