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All I want for christmas:

Is one of these jerseys. In small, please. I would even take it sleeveless. – What the hell?! British Cyclocross 2010 national championship postponed due to snow! I enjoyed this article. But, I’m not sure that Percy Stallard was ever a World Champion… of anything. Any Brits care to clarify? – I am a fan […]

Blind date at the Dairy. aka: "a win is a win".

Ok, all I’m saying is… where the hell is the coverage of the new Chris King road stuff from Interbike?! I barely got to see those things when they were getting built up in the Veloshop. More info please. (this may also be due to the fact that I’ve stopped reading cyclingnews). A rare sight. […]

A couple more awesome sponsors lined up today!

That is always a great way to start your week. Well that and then freaking out that you have not seen all the rest of your equipment and the first cx races are mere weeks away. – Thanks for the video heads up Booooooom. Combines a few of my favorite things: skateboarding, architecture and film: […]

BMC me. yes please.

BMC me. New pricing, new program. Lowered the price on their frame sets and compete “pre-pack” bicycles. Complete Pro Machine with Ultegra SL at $3849.00 Would you like to know more? Molly Cameron Portland Bicycle Studio 503.841.8006

Ridley is cyclocross.

Portland Bicycle Studio is the Portland, Oregon source for Ridley bicycles. Take a glance at this machine. Let’s talk about cyclocross bikes. I am really excited to take on the Ridley brand this season. The cyclocross bikes are world class. The road range is world class. A complete full carbon 1192g cyclocross frame set starting […]

Rabobank is stoked!

Thanks Mud and Cowbells for bringing this to my attention.

tubular tyres. what the hell is going on?

I got an email from Francois a week ago: “Bonjour, FMB vous présente ses nouveautés 2009. Cordialement, Francois”. Looks like FMB is releasing some new treads! yay! Wait a second. These are tread patterns that already exist on other tyres. I can’t keep it straight. But I know someone who can; I met up with […]

Why yes, I did receive your package!

I cut the SHIT out of my legs shaving in a hurry yester-morning. I was running late; I had a date with Matt and Saska to watch DiLuca embarrass every other bike racer in Italy. And I badly needed to con Matt in to making me an espresso on his sweet little Breville. I’ve had […]

rough conversations that should probably not be public, fuck it, here we go:

This is kinda my daily routine, wake up, sprint around the car a few times. Worth watching the whole video for the last 5 seconds. Entrainement sprint GerolsteinerUploaded by Petit_Brun – Check out more sports and extreme sports videos. bike racers. sponsorship. teams. I threw my hands in the air: “man, I am maxed out. […]

Open letter from a fellow business owner.

I came across this letter (below) on the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association’s email list. Written by the owner of a very successful local shop. I think it speaks clearly the idea and belief I share about putting back into your community. Specifically the racing community. Though the lines between “evil” internet mail order shops and […]


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