this is 40


This is 40.

Well, I did as much structure as I could on the bike this summer but; what with my 3 jobs and multiple crisis coming up every other day it was a challenge to do all the base miles, volume and structure I would have liked. I put together what I could. If I could do a couple more 20 hours weeks right now I would.

After busting some ribs earlier in the summer I’m still about a full month behind where I’ve been coming into the cyclocross season over the last few years. I’ve been riding cx bikes long enough to be confidant that everything will come together if I stick to the game plan. But it is damn hard riding these races with no speed in the legs and horrible accelerations. I feel so far away from where I need to be but, I’m holding on to knowing that I will be firing on all cylinders in the next couple weeks.

A small glimmer of progress was putting in my fastest lap time of the day (by a lot) on my final lap (I lost 30 something seconds and had to pit in the 2nd lap). Though it felt horrible, that was cool to see and gives me a little confidence that the motor is there. I added an extra lap after the race was over to put in some more work past the 60 minute mark.screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-10-31-46-pm


Next weekend is the big Cross Crusade kick off weekend. Alpenrose is a very hard course, technical and has some decent elevation to it. I am hoping for a wet sloppy one that will favor technical prowess. All of the fast riders will be in attendance for the coming weekend so I’m going to have to get my shit together to put in a good ride.



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