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More writing on food for athletes:

An article by vegan ultra marathon runner Scott Jurek. super PRO.

Interesting dialogue on veg vs. meat and muscle.

Molly mentioned alongside other notable vegan PROs.

Molly fit Brett Luelling for his custom Desalvo cyclocross bike:

Brett had an appointment for his new Buy Local – Desalvo cyclocross bike!

NYC Velo 5 points:

Brief interview with MC. Looks like we are turning it up to 11 this season.

Sven Nys book review! Molly is like Sven!

The MC can do a tree wheelie too.

Ever had a WWMCD moment?

What would Molly Cameron do?

Molly’s Ridley X-Knight PRO bike review:

Embrocation Cycling Journal spotlights Molly’s Shimano Di-2 equipped Ridley X-Knight!

Featured speaker at Cyclocross Nationals 2009:

Coverage of the event Molly spoke at during the 2009 US Cyclocross National Championships. Featuring Marcel Russenberger, Bart Bowen and Paul Curley.

Podium Insight brief Nationals interview:

Lyne from Podium Insight interviews Molly about 2009 Cyclocross nationals course conditions and race predictions.

Cyclocross Magazine 2009 CX Nationals 30+ report.

Cyclocross magazine report: 2009 30+ Cyclocross National Championship.


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