why yes i did receive your package


Why yes, I did receive your package!

giroandcoffeeI cut the SHIT out of my legs shaving in a hurry yester-morning. I was running late; I had a date with Matt and Saska to watch DiLuca embarrass every other bike racer in Italy.

And I badly needed to con Matt in to making me an espresso on his sweet little Breville.

I’ve had far too busy weeks recently. Barely riding my bike, racing here and there, working, hiring and recovering from being sick. Story of my life, no?

winstonsaI received a sweet package in the mail the day before and figured it would be a good time to try out this exciting gift.

Winston’s Knickers.

The tubular tyre has been a fascination for me since I learned about them. I still get excited When I make orders from Francois at FMB, I’ll send a little care package along, some coffee beans, some local flavor.

winstonsbImagine my surprise when a package arrived from new friends bearing something similar: home made Embrocation from Mary in Louisville! (or rather Mary’s BF)

I took the time to take the embrocation into the garage and lovingly rest it upon my moto. I inspected the aroma and texture.

Then applied.

winstonscI was off to the local training crit. It was windy; very windy for Portland and looking like a spring rain would hit us.

The embrocation was perfect for the brisk windy conditions we raced in, it kept me taken care of during the race and did not sting the shit out of my raw, bloodied legs.

I can’t say I did the embrocation any justice with my mediocre riding in the crit…

Thanks Mary!

Hooking each other up with gear and creating and putting good energy back out there is what it is all about.


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  1. Sweet! I am oh so stoked that you like it! We’ll bring you some different stuff when we come out to Portland for the USGP!

    Thank you again for the tyres… I just can’t get over them. They’re acting as the centerpiece of my living room (when all the shades are down for UV protection) at the present moment. They just totally rock.

    Posted by Mary | May 22, 2009, 6:15 am

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